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Axel - Bombino

Axel - Bombino
Axel - Bombino
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  • Label: Partisan Records
  • Model: Disque vinyle - Vinyl LP
  • Release: 2016
  • MPN: PTKF2135-1

Tichumaren, the desert blues

Azel is the third studio release for Tuareg guitar virtuoso Bombino, produced by Dave Longstreth (Dirty Projectors).

Bluesy, psychedelic and groovy, Azel’s rhythms, guitar sound and soulful vocals bring us into an oasis of vibrant and expressive music.


  A1. AkharZaman (This Moment)
  A2. Iwaranagh (We Must)
  A3. Inar (If You Know the Degree of My Love for You)
  A4. Tamaditine Tarhanam (My Love, I Tell You)
  A5. Timtar (Memories)
  B6. Iyat Ninhay / Jaguar (A Great Desert I Saw)
  B7. Igmayagh Dum (My Lover)
  B8. Ashuhada (Martyrs of the First Rebellion)
  B9. Timidiwa (Friendship) 
 B10. Naqqim Dagh Timshar (We Are Left in This Abandoned Place)