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Univers Zero
“If Stravinsky had a rock band, it would sound like this…”
Yellow and Green
Yellow and Green
Yellow & Green, the band's colossal third studio album
Tame Impala
One of the figureheads of a form of neo-psychedelic rock

A calmer and more intimate album, but also darker...A Moon Shaped Pool, ninth album for Radiohead, features several older songs, including the excellent Burn The Witch and a studio recording of True Love Waits, which dates back to 1995. Produced by Nigel Godrich.Double album - 180g vinyl - sleeve de..
A Place to Bury Strangers is a band from New York, formed in 2002, that delivers an over-amplified, intense, atmospheric and psychedelic music, which stems, notably, from shoegaze and post-punk.The ten songs of this self-titled album have been floating around for years on EPs (CD-R) sold at concerts..
Truly redefining the genre! Sturgill Simpson is a Kentucky native country music artist. Following a delinquent adolescence, Simpson joined the US Navy, traveling the world and its oceans to finally settle in Nashville with his wife and child.Dedicated to his wife and mainly to his young son,&nb..
Acid Crusher / Mount Swan  - A titanic sound collision!This electrifying split album brings together and confronts two of the leading figures of the current psych movement, Earthless and Harsh Toke, two groups from San Diego. Earthless delivers a monumental stoner groove, tinted with blues..
Allas Sak are two Swedish words which translate loosely into English as “everyone’s thing” or “anyone’s thing”. While providing the title for Dungen’s recent collection of sophisticated psychedelic rock released on Mexican Summer, they also express how the band works creatively and collaboratively.T..
Label: Warner Music
Recorded in 1970, American Beauty is the fifth studio album by the Grateful Dead, figureheads of the San Francisco Bay psychedelic scene. Generally regarded as the band’s masterpiece studio album, it stands out because of its emotional resonance, its textured arrangements and the musicians’ gen..
Tichumaren, the desert bluesAzel is the third studio release for Tuareg guitar virtuoso Bombino, produced by Dave Longstreth (Dirty Projectors).Bluesy, psychedelic and groovy, Azel’s rhythms, guitar sound and soulful vocals bring us into an oasis of vibrant and expressive music.Tracklist  A1. A..
Axis: Bold as Love, second album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, presents an expansion of Hendrix musical vision, which further integrates his jazz, funk and blues sensibilities, as well as an exploration of sonic possibilities offered by the studio.A great classic!Mono edition on 200g vinyl r..
Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden
3-4 Days
Label: A&M Records
Badmotorfinger reveals an outstanding moment of modern rock!Kim Thayil and Soundgarden literally defined the sound of the city of Seattle in the late 80s. With Mudhoney, Nirvana and the Sub Pop label, Soundgarden laid the foundation of what became one of the most distinctive rock scenes on the last ..
This album is composed of songs from the prolific Jamaican producer Augustus "Gussie" Clarke recorded in the 1970's and then remixed in dub by King Tubby and Philip Smart. Black Foundation Dub is, inevitably, one of the great documents of Jamaican dub.Tracklist  A1. Black Foundation  ..
Black Masses is the seventh album of Electric Wizard, veterans of the British doom/stoner scene.Electric Wizard, with their cultish atmospherics, deliver a music that is suitably heavy and intoxicated. Black Masses is dark, smoky, groovy and steeped in fuzzed-out distortion.Produced at ToeRag Studio..
Label: ISO Records
★ (Blackstar) is the acclaimed 28th and last album from David Bowie. An album as enigmatic as it is revealing, it features the Bowie of the Berlin trilogy; exploring jazz, strange textures and alienation. Thematically nihilistic, mischievous and dramatic, Bowie authors a great final work that encaps..
Despite a brief career, cut short by a sordid death at a young age, Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. has nevertheless left a cult behind him.A native of Memphis, the young man expressed himself through formations such as The Reatards and Lost Sounds, but especially through his solo works, notably Blood Visions..
Initially released in 1966, Blues Breakers is the first album recorded by John Mayall, the "Godfather of British Blues", with the ex-Yardbird Eric Clapton. This album is a milestone of the British blues sound!Tracklist  A1. All Your Love  A2. Hideaway  A3. Little Girl  A4. A..
Blues From Hell is a collection of 27 Howlin' Wolf recordings made in the 1950s; an essential album from this fierce bluesman with a raucous voice. Howlin' Wolf was, without a doubt, one of the raw forces of the Chicago blues!Tracklist  A1. Spoonful  A2. Evil (Is Going On)  A3. Smokes..
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