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Bryce Dessner released in 2013, Aheym, an album of quartets, on Anti- Records. The album finds Dessner collaborating with Grammy Award-winning Kronos Quartet, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary season.Aheym features four original compositions by Dessner performed by Kronos Quartet as well as..
Label: 52Hz
With All This I Do for Glory, his first solo outing since 2013’s “To See More Light”, Colin Stetson ventures into a territory both familiar and mysterious.His approach to performance and recording is decisively stripped-down; all songs were recorded live with no overdubs or loops. The invasive and t..
Cascades is a collaborative project between neo-classical pianist Jean-Michel Blais and electronic producer Mike Silver (aka CFCF), born from their stunning performance at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2016.The 5-song EP album where the talent and creativity of the two musicians merge and feed each ..
Dans ma main is the second album of the neo-classical pianist and composer Jean-Michel Blais; an album that fits perfectly into the current trend for a music that reinvents itself outside of genre conventions. Blais makes music in his own way; post-classical music in which electronic and experimenta..
Felis Catus and Silence (2020) is the third album of Leo Takami, a composer-guitarist from Tokyo.His soothing, harmonious and kaleidoscopic music – which may remind the aesthetics of Windham Hill records, to which ambitious modern arrangements were added – evokes influences ranging from jazz and cla..
For (для) - Kate NV
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Label: RVNG Intl
Kate NV (aka Kate Shilonosova) is an electronic musician and composer from Moscow. Both synthetic and organic, her music is enigmatic, playful and surreal.Her second album, для FOR, was released in 2018 on the Brooklyn label RVNG Intl., is a singular and stimulating work... to be discovered!Tracklis..
Label: Denovali
David Norland is an Emmy-nominated English composer living and working in Los Angeles. Most recently he composed the score to the current HBO film “My Dinner With Herve” (HBO 2018) starring Peter Dinklage and Jamie Dornan.His work with Emmy-winning director Sacha Gervasi includes the award-winning d..
III – Bersarin Quartett
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Label: Denovali
Melancholia. Longing. It is difficult to speak about these moods or states of the mind without invoking stereotypes. In ancient medicine, melancholia was considered to be one of the four temperaments, matching the four humours. In fact, melancholia, meaning "black bile" in Ancient Greek, was thought..
The first phase of Kerry Leimer's recorded work began in 1972 with the production of the cassette Grey Cows and culminated in 1983 with the release of the album Imposed Order.Although the work seemed to stop after the release of Imposed Order, this composer, whose music could be described as somewhe..
With the release of her second album, Inscape, in 2018, Alexandra Stréliski has established herself as one of the great modern composers and as one of the rare women in the neoclassical world to create music that is covered with such rich cinematographic images.Inscape demonstrates all the finesse o..
Instrumentals - Arthur Russell
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Instrumentals is a remastered vinyl edition, a key part of Arthur Russell’s musical works; American cellist, composer, and artist born in Oskaloosa (Iowa) in 1951, Russell died in 1992 in New York at the age of 40.Like many others before him, the journey for Arthur Russell from East to West began in..
Landfall is the first collaboration between two legendary forces of contemporary music; the iconic Laurie Anderson, one of America's most famous and daring pioneers, a cult writer who has largely contributed to the popularization of obscure and experimental electronics of the 80s, and the prestigiou..
Label: ECM Records
25 years after his highly influential “Power Spot” album, Jon Hassell returns to ECM with his collective Maarifa Street and some spacious Fourth World dub-montage music, his uniquely vocal trumpet sailing forth into mysterious soundscapes. Jon Hassell describes “Last night the moon” as “a continuous..
Label: Ndeya
Ambient jazz legend and Fourth World pioneer Jon Hassell returns with his first album in nine years. Fundamentally a jazz record and technically brilliant, Listening to Pictures | Pentimento volume 1 represents an updated reconfiguration of all the signature elements of Hassell’s magical realists so..
"Low" Symphony, composed by Philip Glass in the spring of 1992, is based on the record Low by David Bowie and Brian Eno, first released in 1977. Glass took themes from three of the instrumentals on the original and, combining them with his own material, used them as the basis of three movements of t..
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