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This double-album by the Chicago experimental trio Bitchin Bajas (Cooper Crain, Dan Quinlivan and Rob Frye) is their most diverse, ambitious and accomplished record since their 2010 debut.Bajas Fresh is a psychedelic and pulsative work where sound and structural exploration combine elements of kraut..
The current state of psychedelia.The album Hair is a collaboration between Ty Segall and Tim Presley (White Fence) – a lysergic encounter between two sparkling and unhinged artists, as well as two lovers of classical guitar psychedelia.While rock evolved to enchant new generations, pshychedelia and ..
The music of Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux, Jackie Lynn) is both intimate and imposing. The singer explores complex emotional canvases - sometimes strong in contrasts and juxtapositions, sometimes surreal - in adventurous songs that can go from enigmatic to operatic.Although her music can be describe..
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