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Having emerged from New Jersey's DIY scene in the late ‘90s, cult hip-hop trio Dälek have pioneered a music fusing narcotic hip-hop with sonic experimentations drawing from noise, showgaze and industrial ambient.Asphalt for Eden sees a new creative peak for Dälek!Tracklist  -A /Shatte..
Emotive, uncompromising doom metal.Tracklist  A1. Worlds Apart  A2. Foundations  A3. Iceblink Luck  B1. Watcher In The Dark  C1. The Ghost I Used To Be  C2. Ashes  D1. Vanished ..
Colorado’s Cobalt, over the years and since they began working with Profound Lore Records with 2007’s landmark Eater Of Birds album, have become recognized as one of the most singular and defining extreme American metal bands today.Almost exactly seven years since the release of Gin, Cobalt (now def..
The music of the Californian band Ash Borer stands out as a nuanced, powerful and monumental atmospheric black metal.Cold, dark and foggy at will, their album The Irrepassable Gate, recently released on the Profound Lore label, is dangerously fascinating!Tracklist  A.  The Irrepassable Gat..
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