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Rune Grammofon

With four studio albums under their belts in less than five years, this explosive trio have received the acclaim of both the jazz and rock worlds.Although there is enough riffing here to satisfy the headbangers, the Hedvig Mollestad Trio are venturing into free and open landscapes on Black Stabat Ma..
Death Rattle is a collision of two monumental forces. Like a pair of clashing typhoons, Philadelphia based avant-garde guitarist James Plotkin and Norwegian free jazz drummer Paal Nilssen-Love generate chaos, disturbance and a terrifying beauty in their first ever collaborative recording project. Ja..
After the last two recordings with the Swedish guitarist Nils Reine Fiske (Dungen) in quartet, Elephant9 are back with a fifth album, this time back to the core trio, Ståle Storløkken on keyboards, Nikolai Hængsle on bass and Torstein Lofthus on drums. Although their new album, Greatest Show On Eart..
Bushman's Revenge is described as the missing link between the great free jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler, Black Sabbath and an electrified version of John Coltrane's Interstellar Space.Their eighth album, Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommelsen, forge a bridge in a masterly way between the world of Shorter / C..
Elephant9 - Ståle Storløkken, Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen and Torstein Lofthus, three of Norway´s finest musicians - is not your ordinary jazz band; often being refered as Norway´s best live band - surely quite rare for an instrumental band – the band is equally popular in jazz and in rock circles.On ..
From the Scandinavian experimental scene comes this latest Swedish supergroup Fire! formed of saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, member of many a formation, of which the best known is perhaps The Thing, bassist Johan Berthling, co-founder of Häpna and member of Tape, Animes and Sten Sandell Trio, and Andr..
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