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Return Policy

Phonorium devotes much care to the packaging of items that you buy in our online store. We take the necessary time to properly pack vinyls, CDs and music DVDs and other related items so that the goods you buy reaches you in good condition.

The products we offer in our store are new, sealed at the factory and guaranteed free from manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, manufacturing defects that are not visible exist and can only be detected when the package is opened. In case you are not satisfied with the physical condition of the item you purchase, please take note of our following return policies:

* Within 14 days of purchase, we will accept the return of any defective or damaged product; make sure to verify the condition before you discard the original packaging.

Note that we do not guarantee you'll like the music or the recording quality of a CD/DVD or LP, and personal taste is not a reason for the return of any item you ordered. Make sure to inform yourself about the artist and the album before purchasing an item. No returns will be accepted or refunds granted for those reason.

* Each return request must include an accurate written description of exactly what is defective and why the item is being returned. Please be specific. For example, if an LP is returned due to excessive surface noise, describe exactly where (side, track, minute) defect occurs. Also, you must provide a proof of purchase (invoice, delivery note, etc.) so that we can proceed with the issuance of a return authorization.

* All returns must be received by Phonorium no later than 15 days from the time the authorization to return the merchandise was issued. If after 15 days Phonorium has not received the product, the return becomes invalid.

Together with the authorization to return the merchandise, Phonorium will send you a prepaid return label so you can return the defective product within the shortest possible time. Following the validation of the defect and acceptance of your return, Phonorium will issue a full credit for your original purchase by crediting your credit or debit card as the payment method used when purchasing.

Please note: From the moment Phonorium physically receives your returned item, it may take up to ten days to verify the defect, accept the return and issue your refund. We appreciate your patience. Please do not check the status of your return before this period allocation.