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A Pouting Grimace - Matt Mitchell

A Pouting Grimace - Matt Mitchell
A Pouting Grimace - Matt Mitchell
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  • Label: Pi Recordings
  • Model: Disque compact - Compact Disc - CD
  • Release: 2017
  • MPN: PI71

A Pouting Grimace is an audacious release from pianist and composer Matt Mitchell.  Not only Mitchell is one of the most in-demand pianists in jazz, he has also established himself as a composer of bold distinction.

Substantial in scope, the album - which features twelve musicians (five woodwinds, four percussionists, harp, bass, and the leader on piano, Prophet 6, and electronics) - weaves an intricate web of off-kilter rhythms and logical frenzy.

Produced by the acclaimed guitarist/composer David Torn, the work is completely beyond genre; a daring tour de force that headily mines the interstice between precision-plotted compositions and the thrill of improvisation.


1 /Bulb Terminus/ 2 /Plate Shapes/ 3 /Mini Alternate/ 4 /Brim/ 5 /Deal Sweeteners/ 6 /Squalid Ink/ 7 /Gluts/ 8 /Heft/  9 /Sick Fields/ 10 /Ooze Interim/

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