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Black Masses - Electric Wizard

Black Masses - Electric Wizard
Black Masses - Electric Wizard
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  • Label: Rise Above Records
  • Model: Disque vinyle, album double - Vinyl, double LP
  • Release: 2010
  • MPN: RISELP130

Black Masses is the seventh album of Electric Wizard, veterans of the British doom/stoner scene.

Electric Wizard, with their cultish atmospherics, deliver a music that is suitably heavy and intoxicated. Black Masses is dark, smoky, groovy and steeped in fuzzed-out distortion.

Produced at ToeRag Studios by Oborn and Liam Watson.


  A1. Black Mass
  A2. Venus in Furs
  B1. The Nightchild
  B2. Patterns of Evil
  C1. Satyr IX
  C2. Turn Off Your Mind
  D1. Scorpio Curse
  D2. Crypt of Drugula

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