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Ghostwriter's Joke - Contemporary Noise Sextet

Ghostwriter's Joke - Contemporary Noise Sextet
Ghostwriter's Joke - Contemporary Noise Sextet
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  • Label: Denovali
  • Model: Vinyle, 180g, +téléch. - Vinyl LP, 180g, +downl.
  • Release: 2011
  • MPN: den97

Contemporary Noise Sextet: jazz music without jazz, film music without a movie, but something splendid instead.

Despite the band's name suggesting noisy music for the chosen ones, the Contemporary Noise Sextet appears to be a revelation for everyone. Beautiful piano tunes in the dialogue with a brass section, simple and extraordinary emotional compositions leading to a climax which makes the flesh creep while listening. The Contemporary Noise Sextet impress with maturity and class - there's elegance as well as punk energy. The compositions are unbelievably spacious, but on the other hand all filled with instruments – ranging from a superb rhythm combo to a greatly equipped brass section. The roots of the most of Contemporary Noise Sextet’s musicians reach harder music – thus it is not a surprise that their compositions are vigorous and expressive.

After 4 albums as a Quintet and Sextet (including a soundtrack done for a theatre play) they’re now back with their new full length – a bit more experimental than before, but still combining excellent melodies with the crazy brass and strings compositions.

Ghostwriter’s Joke contains compositions which may be called a musical visualisation of / a commentary to life stories of particular people, both well-known & remembered by masses and unknown to anyone. These pieces of music were written in the honor of those people, who mostly wanted to stay anonymous. Some of them disappeared in unexplained circumstances and were not heard of anymore, but the music remained.

There’s no doubt that the Contemporary Noise Sextet currently is one of the most fascinating musical projects from Poland which catches the attention of both pure jazz fans and people who are interested in experimental instrumental music in general.

The tracks on this album were recorded in January 2011, in the Electric Eye Studio and mastered by Kuba Pacanowski at Yacob Records.

This product includes an instant download.

Heavy glossy covers & heavy printed inner sleeves. 180g vinyl. Includes a free download code. This is the regular edition on black vinyl.


  -A /Walk With Marylin/Morning Ballet/Is That Revolution Sad?/Old Typewriter/
  -B /Chasing Rita/Norman’s Mother/Kill The Seagull, Now!/
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